We are a couple who’s house is gluten cleansed. Cassie was diagnosed with Celiac’s in 2010 and since then we have been gluten free. Raymond is not diagnosed as having Celiac’s but lives primarily gluten free in support of Cassie. The reviews that you find on this site are mainly written by Cassie with Raymond chiming in on the “Part Time Gluten Free-er ” sections.

The gluten free food market has improved drastically in the last few years. There are more options available now than there was when we started on this journey. The options are better in quantity, quality and cost. We know that it is still a difficult task to find the best products in your new lifestyle. Our goal is to provide honest reviews of products in different categories.

There are a lot of recipes and books available that talk about gluten free foods but they primarily focus on different recipes that do not include anytime of flour or grain. We know that this change can be difficult mentally. Completely getting rid of your favorite foods makes it even more difficult. We want to include these “comfort food” categories to help you find the best alternative to the gluten based foods that you may have previously loved. You may even like some of these products more than the styles you ate before changing to the gluten free lifestyle.

We want to hear your story so reach out to us by leaving comments throughout this site or sending an email to info@gfreviews.com.

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